Shots Fired!

Shots Fired! is a multiplayer arena game full of intensity, fast-paced action, and chaos. It is an homage to the arcade games of the past when graphics were simple and games revolved around one mechanic.

Shoot your cannon to send your ball flying to collect diamonds, powerups, and maybe collide with some obstacles along the way. Wherever your ball lands is where you shoot from next!

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Shots Fired! came from the humble beginnings of a school-directed game jam in November 2016. It was quickly enjoyed by classmates and faculty for it's unique mechanics, clean art style, and low learning curve. With a bit of grit and good luck, it will hopefully become a fully published game soon!

Shots Fired! Gameplay - 2017 04 07 (2).png


  • A variety of game modes allows players to have favorites and keeps overall gameplay fresh
  • Powerups and obstacles change the dynamics completely. Add more for more chaos!
Shots Fired! Gameplay - 2017 04 07 (3).png


Dave Tamayo - Game Designer
Rebecca Mitchell - Game Designer
Sean Browning - Producer
Thi Uyen My Nguyen - Artist
Carolin Hanna - Gameplay Programmer
Andrew Macmillan - Gameplay Programmer
Mark Miller - Gameplay Programmer
Cody Webb - Gameplay Programmer
Jake Butineau - Audio Engineer

Did Somebody Say Shots Fired! Music?

Download the Level Up Build Here!