Game Projects

Main marketing image of Far Cry 6
Far Cry 6Jun 2017 - Sep 2021
Game Designer on Far Cry 6
- Main focus on Progression and RPG features
- Ideation and Pitching during Pre-Production
- Implementation and Iteration during Production
- Trained and mentored new designers
Being one of the earliest game designers on the project, I had the privilege of laying much of the design foundation for the game. Early on, I worked with the creative direction to determine what RPG features we wanted to add. I also did a lot of investigation on the inherited features of the Far Cry brand, how the new RPG features would affect them, and researching other games that incorporated RPG elements. As the project moved into production and more game designers joined the team, I helped onboard them on the game's designs and train them with the engine's tools.

Notable features include but are not limited to:
- Backpacks and Gear
- Reward System
- Player Progression
- Transmogrification
- UI Hit Markers
Logo of myPeekaville
Sep 2016 - Feb 2017
Game Designer and Programmer on myPeekaville
- Worked with the co-founders to ensure that the game preserved the vision and the lessons of the books
- Built in Unity and scripted in C#
While in the Game Design program, I worked with a small team of 3 other students to create a new experience for Peekapak. With a core demographic of young children, it only made sense to create a video game that accompanied their educational books. Many of the early months were dedicated to discovering the intended experience of the game. Towards the end of this first phase, we were able to bring the created prototype to a classroom of Peekapak fans and get feedback on it.

Notable work:
- Game World design
- Character Creation and Customization
- Designed and prototyped minigames
- Designed the FTUE
George Brown College school
George Brown College Digital Media and Gaming Incubator
Mar 2016 - Sep 2016
Game Programmer on multiple internal projects
Through my final year in the Game Programming program, I also worked with in the Gaming Incubator on several projects ranging from language learning games to business management games. For each project, I worked with a small team of, on average, five people. We regularly met with the stakeholders to ensure that game was achieving the set goals. All the games were created in Unity and programmed in C#.

Other Projects

Cover image of my school project game Shots Fired
Shots Fired2017Main game project in the Game Design program
Shots Fired! was my primary game project developed while in George Brown's Game Design program. It is an off-the-wall arena game full of chaos, shouting, and more chaos. A multiplayer party game, you use your cannon to take aim, shoot, and collect more diamonds than anyone else.

Notable Info:
- Showcased at DigiFest 2017
- 2nd Place for Best Overall Game at Level Up Showcase 2017
Marketing image of ROM Game Jam 2014
ROM Game Jam 2014August 2014A game jam for the Royal Ontario Museum
ROM Article Link
Participating in the ROM Game Jam was unlike any other game jam experience. Over the weekend, my team of four created a game within the theme of "The Evolution Revolution". While there, we had access to the entire museum for inspiration and any interesting and relevant facts that could be added. Furthermore, there were museum curators who we could ask questions to or just listen to their area of expertise.

Months after the jam, we were invited to bring our game back to the museum to showcase it as part of a digital gallery.
University of Waterloo logo
University of Waterloo, Department of Physics and AstronomyMay 2011 - Aug 2011Programming Intern
In the summer after my 2nd year of university I worked with Dr. Taylor on his work in dark matter research. Using the Partiview, I created computer similations of star clusters and dark matter evolution.