Forge Frenzy


Forge Frenzy - Gameplay Screenshot (1).png


It's Vikings vs. Steampunks in this fast-paced cooperative video game. It is up to four players. You each play as the workers of a steampunk forge.

Suddenly, vikings appear out of nowhere and start to march towards your village! The village militia engages with them, but start to have troubles dealing with the vikings' ferocity and combat abilities.

As blacksmiths, you must use the broken viking weapons found on the battlefield, recreate and repurpose them, and deliver them back to the battlefield to aid your allies.


  • Cooperative-oriented game design really requires all four players to communicate and collaborate to fend off the oncoming army
  • Dialogue system to set the story, provide objectives, and give feedback when your team starts to do well or poorly
  • Intuitive crafting system to take basic materials and craft them into full-fledged weapons
  • Multiple levels gives the players new and interesting challenges in task management and cooperation
Forge Frenzy - Gameplay Screenshot (3).png

Forge Frenzy - Gameplay Screenshot (8).png


This was created from January to April 2017 with a team of six people. We created it for our Game Design Theory class in the Game Design program. My role on the project was the project manager and game programmer.

In coming up with a game idea we were given the constraints: survival, vikings, steampunk, and cooperative mutiplayer.

Forge Frenzy was inspired by Overcooked. We had been playing it a lot in class so we thought this would be a good opportunity to break it down and really analyze what made it fun.